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  1. I was thinking my connection cause lag spikes, but it's not only me, it looks like. It's completely random, sometimes we get about 1 spike after 20 minute delays, sometimes each 30 seconds or so. What about server logs? We can get information from it.
  2. Something wrong with damage counters. I am not able to get any discidia perk progress due this problem. My sword don't count damage too (see screenshot).
  3. rising4ce

    End ores

    Totally agree. We don't have late game ores. If there is no another way to fix end and nether dimensions soon, it will be good solution for now.
  4. "Throw into fire" recipes don't work in the overworld, and grains of infinity do not spawn either. In the void dimension all working properly.
  5. Your Name: rising4ceItem Name + ID + Amount: Celestial Crystal, #8575/0, 1 pieceCoordinates: 3028, 70, 73 (Overworld)Description of Issue: Got crystal from a quest reward, few minutes later it dissapeared from my inventory when i pressed sorting button. I thought it was a usual visual glitch, but couldn't get it back, even after relog. Searched all places around, but still nothing. This item can't be despawned as entity, so i even don't know what happened.
  6. I played well few hours ago, now i'm getting this errors. I'm sure i don't have any shears in my inventory btw.
  7. Your Name: rising4ce;Item Name + ID + Amount: Holy Sword Excalibur #9198 1 piece;Coordinates: 2822 / 108 / -237;Description of Issue: Same thing i got before - it dissappeared when i was enchanting it. Did put about 7 enchants before and it happened again Sorry DragonLady, i'm sure it is so annoying, should be slower while enchanting items.
  8. Your Name: rising4ce;Item Name + ID + Amount: Holy Sword Excalibur #9198 1 piece;Coordinates: 2813 / 108 / -200;Description of Issue: missclicked on a cauldron with sword in hand;Screenshots (Optional): I am sure in later versioin of the pack this item doesn't have vis cost on it, but now it does and i'm a bit screwed up.
  9. You probably should disable gateway for now, but players need another way to teleport cross dimensions.
  10. I did it again. Gateway from astral sorcery causing this thing to server, it looks like. Everytime i try to teleport to the moon it crashes the game and server in some sort. Teleportation from the Luna to Terra works fine aswell Terra to Terra, so it's something with moon dim. Debug it please.
  11. Anyone can easily buy gold ingot at spawn using initial money. I don't think kit will change a lot.
  12. By the way i tried to connect to another random server and i could. Was not sure problem on my side or not (have pretty bad intenet connection today).
  13. Hello! Today my client got crushed during teleportation to the Luna through astral's gateway. After restarting client i keep getting this message when trying to connect:
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