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  1. *BUMP* @brunyman @Henk
  2. *BUMP* @brunyman @Henk
  3. [1] In-Game Username: ftpsd_ [2] Details of Situation: - [3] Ban Category: Permanently [4] Ban Duration: Infinite [5] Staff Member: Console [6] ScreenShots: http://prntscr.com/o15980 [7] Your Reason: I was banned in 2017 for alleged destruction, i would like to eliminate that prohibition to access the server from the Premium IP. Since i do not want to be using the login every time i want to enter the server. I think its been quite a while since those times and i just want to go in to help the server again be recognized again (Network). @Henk @brunyman A greeting! Isma~
  4. Well, ill also get in touch with people so they can support the server and see what i can do
  5. Im glad u like the idea, i hope to receive support and response from the members of the Staff
  6. Hey guys, how long! I do this post, because i`ve been observing the activity of Network modalities for several days. From what i`ve seen, Network has been very abandoned after advanced upgrades to the current 1.14. From what i`ve seen, there are several YouTubers that have returned to upload Minecraft videos to theis channels. And the brilliant idea that has occurred to me, is to try to contact them to come to CraftersLand Network to record. Since theis channels, they were always dedicated to Minecraft and now have an exaggerated fall of both subscribers, views and support. The ideal would be to get recording on the server, a Survival series for example, or a series in AssassinsCraft. Or something that catches peoples attention again so that they play with them again, as well as with us. I do not know that u will find this idea, nor do i think u pay mucho attention to this post, so i will try to make the title of this post is something more striking so that u can get to read attentively and comment on it. @brunyman @Henk A greeting! Isma
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