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  1. If you created the single player world in survival with cheats off then that's the reason why. If you press ESC, click Open to LAN, click cheats on and press Start LAN World you will then be able to gamemode 1 but you will need to do this every time if you have restarted the game. The only way to change the option to be more permanent is to edit your Level.dat file which i don't recommend unless you know what your doing. T/C
  2. Your Name: Negative_PandaIsland Owner Name: Negative_PandaCoordinates: 3338 , -29961Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Anytime before the server problemsDescription of Issue: Island missing so when i logged on i died in the void as /is spawn was missing.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a8GzEaa
  3. A GM or admin will probably need to remove it if that is the offending block
  4. Last time I saw this message it was caused by too many items in a storage device. In that case it was villagers in nets inside a shulker box. Most storage devices, bags for example can only hold so many before crashing.
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