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  1. I couldn't find a template for issues like these so I'm just going to write down the issue below. Ever since the server has moved to a new host there has been an issue with players getting constantly disconnected. I've taken it upon myself to see if I could trigger manual disconnects to see if there was any behavior that would lead to it. Below this is a summary of my findings. I've observed this behavior since 09-12-2020 10:30 (UTC+1), as this is the first time I joined after host migration. * The server will forcefully disconnect you when there's a lot of entities around you which
  2. Performance degrading machinery deliberately close to our base. Nieeek & Niightingale In-Game Nickname: JPB1999 Time and date: 21-09-2020 17:00 CET Description of what happened: JPB1999 was asked to move his Laser Drills as they were causing the server performance to drop when they were all placed in a single chunk. While he complied with doing so he places them deliberately close to our base, 16 chunks to be exact (which is less than 16 chunks from our claim considering we claimed a few blocks around our base). I have attached a screenshot below
  3. In-Game Name: Nieeek Server Ultimate ReloadedItem name + Item ID Chunkloader balance Time & Date 04-09-2020 around 16:00 (UTC+2) Description of Issue With the last server re-start the mining world reset, along with losing my quarry's that where present I lost my online chunkloader, because I did not remove the block myself but instead it was a wipe it counts towards my loaded chunks even though I have not claimed any. I should be able to load 4 chunks but I'm currently only able to load 2 of them. Mike looked into the issue but was unable to reset my chunkloader balance as he did not have
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