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  1. So we made a decision in your case. 1-Your ban will be reduce to 1 hr 2-No more creative stuff picking without asking a staff member if the item is legit or not... like really 10000000 dmg seems fine to you? 3-Your bane of the pig item will be deleted.
  2. Yes for this tiny item that is almost imposible to find and its most likely to be spawn in by hacked clients.... we still investigate please be patient.
  3. You joined on 30 march and you found it somewhere a item that have a very slim chance to drop only in dungeons.... like 0.1%, you expect me to belive that? Why diden't you contact a staff to ask about this item, and why no one said he lost it ? can you provide some real evidence that you found it?
  4. Hey, yes i banned you cuz you got bane of pigs and when i asked you where did you get it you sayed nothing please explain how did you get that item at least here. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289860017144856577/564401589872492544/unknown.png
  5. Well i done it, I buyed premium+ and i took a pomelo sapling and my game crash and i cant get on know every time i try the game log in i see inventary and it crashs... so can someone delete my inventory wipe it or something. I really dident know that will happend wanted to see the tree form and what it can do, I'm sorry if i did something wrong but can you please help me, my in game name is urss333 and i was in the spawn shop when it happend
  6. So againd my base got bugged WHY?????? i mean all my EU, RF machines stoped receving power, my golden transport pipe disappeared, and when i pick up my eu machines and place then againd they are not receving power if i put then in the same spot, other spots are working and my cable look like is connecting to something but its nothing there... https://imgur.com/a/qhE7VtM https://imgur.com/a/hxSit5U https://imgur.com/a/S4p2fZB https://imgur.com/a/lEeuDoJ https://imgur.com/a/meyhTQL
  7. Like the title says i was building a smeltery, needed more resources i go to my chest (diamond chest) and it was reverse and all the resource gone and it was full with diamonts, iron ,copper,tin etc. and in other chest my machines that i store also gone. Its strange that my power instalation visuali look like a machine block stop working... Someone on chat sayed somethin about tesseract id 1698 that you can steal item from chest don't know if thats true. Please give me an answer.
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