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  1. This application is for Tekkit and Direwolf20 1.7. 1) Direwolf20 1.7 2) Tekkit Basic Information Name: Floria Serban Minecraft Username: Urss333 Age: 24 Languages you speak: Romania Country + Time Zone: Romania, (UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest Discord Name and ID*: urss333 #3296 Do you have a microphone?: Yes Simple Questions Can you join the forums everyday?: Yes How long have you been playing on the Crafter's Land servers?: 3 years On average, how many hours do you play a day and during which part of the day?**: 1.5-3 hr, morning, afternoon, depends how my shift ends at work. Have you read and understood the responsibilities of the position and permissions you receive with this rank?: Yes On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the Modpack?: 7 and still learning quickly Complex Questions What can you offer us if you were chosen?: Chat/Player support. Have you ever been banned and if so, why?: No A short description of your strengths and weaknesses: My strenghts is patience and understanding, my weaknesses is giving a player to many chances. What is the one thing you can improve yourself upon?: In real life maybe my time, in game hmm lets see my knowledge about the different mod packs. What experience do you have as a staff member? Exemplify: I got like 1-2 year exp playing on tekkit and ftb when the server was born i was and old moderator on craftersland. P.S Maybe this nicks will ring a bell to the old buddys if they are still here Miyume, Banana, Dwarfel, Vlad10... What other modpacks/gamemodes have you played? Elaborate: Tekkit/Skyblock/Ftb. Is there a mod in which you excel at, if so, which one and how?: Maybe tekkit and Ftb, i don't know if i excel but i know i'm a good learned so i will research if i don't know something. Do you have a screen recorder? Are you willing to download and use one?: No and Maybe Where do you see yourself as a Crafter's Land staff member in the future?: Maybe an Admin. What suggestions would you like to see from us and how can you help us improve the server?: Some kind of events will be nice. How much do you know about the helper rank? Elaborate: (permissions, usage, principle/concept): Well you get acces to some commands that helps you rezolve conflicts and help players if the game bugged or something else happend, i know that you must use this commands mature and whit no self interest. What knowledge do you have of how the staff operate today (communication, coordination, activity)?: I don't have this knowledge yet, but when i needet support i saw that the staff was communicating via discord or maybe msg, and if they diden't have the rank that needed for the problem they most likely contacted a higher rank. Scenarios You see a player abusing a glitch, what do you do?: Report that glitch to and admin or higher staff member with perm to do something about that banned item or reset the terrain something like that and i will warn the player to spot the glitch, first think i will confiscate the dub items or the item and if he dosen't stop i will tem banned him if i got acces to that command A player lost his items due to a server crash, what do you do?: I will refer to him to go to the forum and make a reimburse request, and if i got the rank i will tell him to get me a print screen of what he lost and i will give it to him, if he dosen't have the printscreen i will investigate and make a decision. How would you handle a situation if you got targeted by trolls?: Well that depends of the trolls trolls... like if they spam chat or other players i will give them warning and if those dosen't work i will mute them. And the base trolls i think that is kinda imposible if you got a town established. A player is speaking a a foreign language in chat, what do you do?: Refer to him to the other channels and tell him that main chat is only english, if he dosen't understand i will search the language that he speaks and google it, then i will be like "main chat only english please change channels"
  2. urss33

    Game Crash

    Well i done it, I buyed premium+ and i took a pomelo sapling and my game crash and i cant get on know every time i try the game log in i see inventary and it crashs... so can someone delete my inventory wipe it or something. I really dident know that will happend wanted to see the tree form and what it can do, I'm sorry if i did something wrong but can you please help me, my in game name is urss333 and i was in the spawn shop when it happend
  3. urss33

    My base buged againd...

    So againd my base got bugged WHY?????? i mean all my EU, RF machines stoped receving power, my golden transport pipe disappeared, and when i pick up my eu machines and place then againd they are not receving power if i put then in the same spot, other spots are working and my cable look like is connecting to something but its nothing there... https://imgur.com/a/qhE7VtM https://imgur.com/a/hxSit5U https://imgur.com/a/S4p2fZB https://imgur.com/a/lEeuDoJ https://imgur.com/a/meyhTQL
  4. Like the title says i was building a smeltery, needed more resources i go to my chest (diamond chest) and it was reverse and all the resource gone and it was full with diamonts, iron ,copper,tin etc. and in other chest my machines that i store also gone. Its strange that my power instalation visuali look like a machine block stop working... Someone on chat sayed somethin about tesseract id 1698 that you can steal item from chest don't know if thats true. Please give me an answer.

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