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  1. Account Name: XxZachxXRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: WorldEdit, 10 Sethomes, and vanishReason for Request*: I previously had these 3 commands on the last map and they were removed this reset. I didn't abuse any of them and am very responsible with them. Thank you!
  2. I had sponsor and had vanish , world edit and 10 sethomes. Thanks.
  3. I see you've coppied Trixx's post lol!
  4. Account Name: XxZachxX Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands^: Was wondering if someone who has access to console could add a world edit schematic for me to use? (http://www.minecraft-schematics.com/schematic/2024/)
  5. Your Name: XxZachxXItem Name + Amount: Donator claim blocks and donator moneyDescription of Issue: Obviously because of the recent reset I would like to have my claim blocks and donator money added back to my account thanks!
  6. When I try and spawn something in via NEI, it says unknown item name XxZachxX
  7. Hi there! So I have little insight as to why NEI give access was recently revoked, however I know it was due to spawn grief or something? But I don't understand how that could've happened, but also I would like to have it back. Or at least know a date as to when the access will be given back. It's ridiculous that you had to do this to some Sponsors, Sponsor+'s, because most of us are pretty responsible with our commands, such as myself. However I would really like to know more about what happened and when we get it back, and if I can get it back now. Account Name: XxZachxX Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: NEI Give access back Reason for Request: It was the reason I donated? It was taken away? Idk what to put here
  8. I wish you the best of luck in whatever other servers you wish to join.
  9. In-Game Nickname: Spike0216 Time and date: 5:00PM 10.28.17 Description of what happened: Spike was idk, pissed? That people were swearing... So then continues to spam no swearing on my christian server..... Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/XTvtT List of eyewitnesses: JasonWherry123 was on at the time.
  10. Henk, I don't understand how impersonating would be an issue with [N] its basically an abbreviated version of Nick:, also I do not think impersonation would be an issue, since they cannot use the players name anyways because its already taken. You would still have something that shows the person has a nickname just not Nick: its [N].
  11. Yea, I like VooDoo's suggestion... Maybe do the default Essentials nickname thing ~ , But I do like the [Rank][N]Username
  12. @GunnherHQ it's not that simple, because 1 I like the color to my name also, I play a bunch of different and older modded servers and would be a pain to switch my name ALSO I don't think Zach is available as an MC name.
  13. Account Name: XxZachxX Rank: Sposnor Requested Commands: To have the tag Nick: removed (IF POSSIBLE) when having a nickname Reason for Request: It is annoying to have the extra thing on my name to represent that I have a nickname but also that a lot of people are calling me Nick because it says Nick: Zach and they don't read the Zach part. So if I could have this removed that would be cool, if its not possible that's OK.
  14. Hey, can I get my characters Inventory reset because I think it's corrupted... Thanks. IGN: XxZachxX
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