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  1. Account Name: XxZachxXRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: Ability to change server time. Also cheat mode for JEI (if possible)Reason for Request*: To change time to day so machines will run also bees, night if I need to find mobs. JEI Cheat mode because its easier than using the creative search option
  2. XxZachxX


    Well I don’t have the rank on Tekkit since the map reset. So right now I don’t have a rank on any server. Should I still make a transfer request?
  3. XxZachxX


    Any idea when my rank will be transferred/added?
  4. XxZachxX


    Ok. I had it on tekkit a while ago. No biggie.
  5. XxZachxX


    I need a transfer. I don’t remember what server I had it on
  6. XxZachxX


    Can I get my Sponsor rank on Ultimate Reloaded please. I also had /vanish and worldedit as my specially requested permissions for the previous server I was on. Thank you!
  7. Account Name: XxZachxXRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: WorldEdit, 10 Sethomes, and vanishReason for Request*: I previously had these 3 commands on the last map and they were removed this reset. I didn't abuse any of them and am very responsible with them. Thank you!
  8. I had sponsor and had vanish , world edit and 10 sethomes. Thanks.
  9. I see you've coppied Trixx's post lol!
  10. Account Name: XxZachxX Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands^: Was wondering if someone who has access to console could add a world edit schematic for me to use? (http://www.minecraft-schematics.com/schematic/2024/)
  11. Your Name: XxZachxXItem Name + Amount: Donator claim blocks and donator moneyDescription of Issue: Obviously because of the recent reset I would like to have my claim blocks and donator money added back to my account thanks!
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