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  1. I think you raise some good points. There is one thing that you said that I want to clarify however: This goes against rule 4 (No sale/gifting of creatively influenced items to members outside of your town). If you see such things happening, ensure to report it up so staff can have a look. IMO if a player uses world edit or creative mode in order to enjoy the game more, that's their prerogative (as long as they aren't breaking the rule stated above). I have world edit and creative powers on DW 1.12 for example but I know that if I used them to progress, I wouldn't be having anymore fun on the server. Therefore I only use them to avoid having to do request refunds when I lose an item to a bug, or to clear out bugged blocks (like those invisible ones left by direwolf20's building gadgets). Not saying you are wrong at all, just adding my view. :)
  2. Chaz8591


    The rank is still there, even if it just hasn't been reactivated since the wipe.. If you still want it on this server then yes, we will need a rank transfer request.
  3. Chaz8591


    I recommend making a post over in the Rank Transfer sub-forum that follows this template (or edit this post with the template and I will move this post to that sub-forum). Multiple server's staff will need to work on the transfer, so it could take a little time after the post is made.
  4. Please edit your post to follow the template. Thank you.
  5. liquid-flow is still enabled, attempting to change the flag still tells me that I do not have permissions.
  6. Account Name: Chaz8591 Rank: Sponsor + Requested Commands^: /cf liquid-flow Reason for Request*: I'd like to not have lava and water flowing around while I dig out under my claim.
  7. Please create a post in this sub-forum using this template.
  8. Twitch is no longer updating Feed the Beast modpacks. Please see this post for more information and a solution.
  9. Your Name: Chaz8591 Claim Leaders Name: Xarges420 & Clemenstheminer Coordinates of claim (use format xyz: 1845 64 2374) : -72, 50, 67; -72, 17, 67; -24, -17, 63 & -72, 1, 67 Claim members: Xarges420, Arzhok, Demonash & Clemenstheminer Reason for request: I am looking to expand my claim and want to incorporate this claim in my own and beautify it. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Get an error when attempting to upload screenshots.
  10. My mistake, I don't think you can remove it.
  11. Fortune and Silk Touch are mutually exclusive enchantments. There must have been a bug that consumed the levels and book. I would suggest putting in a refund request.
  12. Use the Refund or Inventory Rollback template. Also, you can remove your posts from the complaints, and general Technical support sub-forums. (The Refund request is quicker than then Inventory Rollback, so unless you have a specific reason, I'd use a Refund request.)
  13. Looks like Astral is back up and running since the update.
  14. The RFTools Spawner would accept living matter to spawn withers pre-update. It appears that a config bug is present as outlined here. I checked to make sure the issue was present in a single player world (it was), then followed the steps to make a new config file. After loading back into the same world the spawner was working as intended. I would appreciate it if an admin with the proper permissions could regenerate the rftools config file by deleting the old one before a server restart, or using the link above to download a non-bugged config file. If this post is not clear, please let me know. Thanks for your time.
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