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  1. [Help] Install Direwolf20

    1.10 may be cool but 1.7 is where the og guys are
  2. I agree with Pumpkin, endoflames seem to never have issues and is still a decent source of mana.
  3. [Presentation] CriticLC_ / Ernesto

    But discord is great
  4. Your favorite music

    im all about that chill hop
  5. Unban

    SantJm, we have discord. Also I believe you received an explanation from another staff member. The ban appeal was denied. Please respectfully accept your punishment. -deboobski
  6. [Ask The Support]

    New phone who dis
  7. [DW 1.10] Forum

    I do like this idea to be honest
  8. Abuse of power

    Ok. Venomfrosty. So I have the screenshots of what as said. So I will gladly post them in here.As you can see, that statement is quiet aggressive. It implies that no other religion rapes besides Muslim, and that being Muslim entitles this. After others warning you not to say anything, you went ahead and said that. Thus giving you a 5 minute mute. After the mute ended, instead of humbly accepting your punishment, you decided to complain and insult. You try to outsmart your way out and say you meant something else, which we all know you didn't. Then you get upset when you don't follow the rules are is acted upon. So who really is the childish one? The one who is following and enforcing the rules? Or the one who breaks them and can't put up with the consequences. p.s- the mute was for "LaCk Of ReAdInG CoMpRehEnSiOn oF RuLeS" which clearly is true.
  9. Hia, So i got the sponsor rank last wipe, im wondering if the cash and plots carry onto this wipe? Im struggling to claim all my land and it would be great to have that cash and plots this wipe:) thanks -deboobski
  10. Back for the Summer

    love you lots
  11. Is this THE Pumpkin i know on this server???

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    2. Pumpkin


      i'm on discord all the time. Same name here Pumpkin and also, i have no clue how to add people, i'm using the discord app on my phone. Just add me instead.

    3. deboobski


      cant seem to find you, i need your tag that comes after your name, like #****

    4. Pumpkin


      i'm always logged onto discord >.> the number after my name is #8425

  12. Back for the Summer

    Hello guys, If yall dont know me im deboobski and I was Judge on Direwolf20 server. I am making this post because others have pushed me to make a post about becoming Judge again. The reason i am ex-staff is due to inactivity reasons. My life is quite busy with college and at times I am not able to play for a while. However there are times when I can be very very active, like summer, or winter vacation. I am asking to get my staff position back again because now i can play all summer. I realize that it can be sketchy to let someone be staff on and off due to inactivity, however i have been playing on this server for years. I also am a sponsor which i am proud to be. I feel that i am part of the great community here and i even "moderate" the servers without having a position because for some reason there is a sense of respect for me. Please respond to me asap to let me know what you think of this request! Of course i am on discord and available most of the time. Thank you for your time:) -deboobski