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Abuse of power


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There was a conversation (jokingly) about infidelity & he got triggered, then muted me for 5 minutes for joking about Sweden.
After I called him out that i didn't "offend" or "discriminate" (as i was muted under the precedent that I discriminated)
After that I got muted for an hour for calling him out on this.
PS - he was irritated, because he did /clear and lost his items.

I don't think he handled this situation correct. He acted childish out of his own anger towards a situation others found funny.

I'd appreciate it if you can confront him to not abuse his power when being corrected. His second mute to me was childish "lAcKiNg CoMprHenSiOn".


I can't access the logs of the chat as my game crashed, However you can see it's okay for him to call people out in chat without repercussions (as he clearly is so powerful)


Those that were online saw what happened.

Now i'm no genius, but i am pretty sure calling people "kids" and calling them out in a childish fashion is not* how you as staff are supposed to treat people.

Also - see chat log from 20:50 GMT+2

Screenshot (54).png

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Ok. Venomfrosty. So I have the screenshots of what as said. So I will gladly post them in here.unknown.pngAs you can see, that statement is quiet aggressive. It implies that no other religion rapes besides Muslim, and that being Muslim entitles this. After others warning you not to say anything, you went ahead and said that. Thus giving you a 5 minute mute.

After the mute ended, instead of humbly accepting your punishment, you decided to complain and insult.unknown.png

You try to outsmart your way out and say you meant something else, which we all know you didn't. Then you get upset when you don't follow the rules are is acted upon. 


So who really is the childish one? The one who is following and enforcing the rules? Or the one who breaks them and can't put up with the consequences.


p.s- the mute was for "LaCk Of ReAdInG CoMpRehEnSiOn oF RuLeS" which clearly is true. 

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Player lied about abuse, and circumstances, none found. Punishment justified. In the future, venomfrosty, don't toe the line or test staff's limits. It's not our fault if you failed to read the rules. Remember: ignorance of the law is no excuse. Please do try to be less toxic in the future. There are and will be consequences if you continue in this manner.

And to be fair, deboobski was right. You did run to the forums the second you felt your rights to be a toxic player were violated. 

Topic closed.

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