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Spacefactions Updates!


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New features added to the game:


  • HeadShots - This will allow you to hit a player in the head with arrows and deal 2x damage. Also if the player is wearing a space helmet and not a helmet it will be broken on head shots. Exposing the player on hostile planets to unbreathable air that will kill them.
  • SpaceHelmets Update - Better player warning if he does not wear an helmet or space suit.
  • Mars ResourcePack - Added a custom sound to the server resource pack used to warn players with Space Helmets.
  • Random location teleport signs at spawn - This will help you find a random location on the map easy, the teleport feature has 3 basic rules: the location will be on solid ground, no suffocation and not inside a faction claimed land.
  • Premium anti cheat system - This will prevent almost all hacks from working, especially the kill aura stuff.

More coming soon! Stay tuned!

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