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Please Brunyman Or Powerwarp

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Hey guys, I open this post to ask to please any member of staff with access to the deep command permits to remove the server in the SkyWars permits users to vote both chests and jump! Please it is impossible to play games with friends without jumping or games without opchest god!

Please I ask myself and many more users. I hope they can do something as soon as possible, are daily complaints from users who complain about this issue.


To my point of view it does not take more than 5 minutes to remove those permissions to users. Since PermissionsEX own plugin can add and remove permissions without entering the configuration folder! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!


PostScript: Permits to vote or vote opchest jump god, so users could keep rank such as Premium Sponsors and because donate and get benefits and advantages. Greetings!


Thanks for all your attention and sorry if I turned out to be very heavy!



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I think it would be best that only those who have donated to the server should have access to vote for the chests , the sponsors should have access to vote for a op chests (change chests, they really are op) to be rare you have a game like that, also the God Jump hardly can play well so that you jump and you cant hit him

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no one will complain if we remove these options? since a lot of players are using them i think there will be many against this


i think the best way will be to add a price when voting for these options, i will take a look to see if it's possible 

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Some who complain when he did not already have access to vote ... but they have to understand that these are advantages which may have the upper ranks (Premium Sponsor) as they have donated to server ... Although people complain you just get used to the gameplay with or without feedback. And I think it would be a good idea for users are encouraged to donate to the server and see the advantages they have on users feedback as both kits.


If you put a price on these commands, if you could put it at a slightly higher price .. since almost all users have thousands of coins. Although we already are you doing, I do not return more crazy with this issue.


Brunyman Thanks!

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