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[Suggestion] Ultra Hardcore Survival Minigame


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What is UHC?


UHC was a mod but now it's implemented in the game and can be activated through a command. It basically removes your natural health regeneration and you can only regenerate health with golden apples or instant health potions (regen potions are usually banned by making the ghasts drop gold ingots). Also players can drop heads and they can be crafted into a golden apple (replacing the apple with the head in the crafting bench).


So my idea is to test your skill in Minecraft by playing this mod and having to survive, mine and craft without losing health. It can be played solo, in teams of 2,3 and 4 (teams of 5 is already too large). The map the players play on is randomly generated. There is a world border that is made of bedrock (or with 1.8, with the shrinking barriers) that is determined by the number of players and/or the number of players in a team (2,3 or 4).


After a set amount of time, anywhere from 20 to 150 minutes (or more), all the remaining players are teleported into an arena (or, if we use the shrinking barriers, they shrink until they form a 100x100 square around 0,0). 


After the players get in the arena, the fighting starts and the last player/team alive wins. There are different game modes that I've seen, like:


Vanilla (normal)

Dragon rush (150 minutes, there is an end portal at 0,0 with 2-3-4 missing ender eyes, the teams/players have to replace those and kill the dragon)

Speedrun (20 minutes, nightvision, haste 2 and speed 2 for 25 minutes)

Any other gamemodes can be added to this.


I'd love to see this on Craftersland because it's my favourite Minecraft gamemode, I'm a survivalist! I'm aware that there are other servers with this gamemode but not many, and if we bring it to Craftersland it might get popularity since people don't see it so much. Also, it may not be a full server. You might aswell organise a mini-tournament sometime with this gamemode, with prizes. Anyway, I hope this gets implemented. Thank you in advance!


Best regards,


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But a new server also comes with new micro-transcations (kits) like getting wood tools in the begginning or getting food. ;)

And you can promise we will get money from donations for kits? Be realistic.. If server didn't have succes will drag us down, and in + we have to work for maps, plugins etc..


Anyway, if you guys really want to do that, just start work.

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You could try with this free plugin



And little by little to see if the mode is supported or not, to continue or change the game. This is a not very seen on server not premium. If u prepare well (uhc game), could be one of the best among the servers not premium ^^

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