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Network Pure Survival Server Reset/wipe Complete!


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A full Reset / WIPE took place on our Network Pure Survival server, this means a fresh start for all and a new map to play on.


While most features are the same, there are some improvements planned with this reset. One of the major upgrade is to the economy system on how players buy or sell items. Shopkeepers is no longer the way players sell items to other players. The traders area is changed, there are the classic admin shops using the sign system and a new players market system where you can set items for sale in a nice GUI menu, similar to the WOW auction system.


Economy system:

  • Server shops using signs.
  • Players market in a nice GUI menu.
  • Players can send items using the market mail system to online or offline players.
  • Live auctions to sell items.
  • Direct trade system.

The anti cheat protection system took an upgrade too, with a better and more powerful anti cheat system that will block almost any hack.


Some other small changes and fixes are planned in the next week. Enjoy the fresh survival start on Pure Survival server.



Pure Survival

Cracked: mc.craftersland.net

EU: play.craftersland.eu

US: play.craftersland.us

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