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Staff Destroying Our Base


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ok, me and my friend had djgaz180 that was filling in a hole that our quarry had made bad then our pipeing and wireing was destroyed and then djgaz180 started to destroy the quarry frame and then he left without giveing a refund for the pipeing and wireing he destroyed.

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The server is Tekkit. and this should be posted under there, but anyways the quarry frame as said previously isnt a material. he did nothing wrong if he removed a quarry frame its useless and not a material that you can pickup.

As for djgaz180 removing redstone conduits and fluiducts I dont think he would. reason #1 fluiducts dont have a use for quarrys, so the story falls apart there. reason #2 he wouldnt and hasnt that ive seen break anything that is claimed and owned by someone.


We allow wilderness pvp. and anything in it is free to whoever finds it. djgaz180 will have to reply to clarify the situation though as powerwarp has said <3

How about your screenshots and proof while were on the topic of clarifying things. Its easy to toss a name out there without proof.

I have had several complaints of several people doing things, and no one can provide evidence to backup their accusations.

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right, finally got the chance to get on.


as don said, fluiducts have no place in the quarry, and if anyone would like to check the quarry hole, i even regenerated it below the reactor, as to avoid breaking any of your blocks.


you should also know the rule that quarries have been banned from the overworld, being an EX staff member i thought you would've realised that, hence why i had to go around cleaning up your mess.


as for the quarry frame: i don't understand why you are getting so mad over an item that despawns naturally, half of it was already gone.


and for the fluiducts that were "destroyed" i can quite happily refund you them, but don't you both have sponsor ranks? 


in my opinion i think you're just trying to find a reason to try and get other staff members into trouble.


also please use the correct section of the forum next time.


EDIT: apparently quarries aren't officially banned, but i still have to go around cleaning up other peoples mess.

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I have to add something,if you dont want world full of holes and early wipes because people dont have nowhere to make house then stop making those quarry holes.

If you want to quarry make mystcraft world and set as much quarrys as you like.




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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