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New Modded Server Open - World Automation - Custom Modpack


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Hello minecrafters,


Our new modded server is finally open! This is a custom technic modpack made by this community, thanks to rmt and all members that helped out in different ways.


This modpack can be found on Tekkit launcher with the modpack name World Automation. It's inspired by the main 1.6.4 Tekkit modpack but updated to 1.7.10 and some more technic mods.


Thanks to Galacticraft 3 you can now travel to Moon, Mars and the Asteroid Belt. Adventure in space and explore stuff beyond Mars!



Now about our server, it's running on a dedicated server and online 24/7. It accepts non premium players too, has MyTown2 mod for protection, for economy Players Markets, Auctions and Server Shops. Players can turn PVP on and off.


Restricted items list.

Server address:  wa.craftersland.net


Come online and check it out for yourself!









Space Age Machines. A mechanic dream!

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