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World Automation - Server Updated To Version V1.9.5-4


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World Automation Server Update to latest mod pack version 1.9.5-4 is complete!


Thanks rmt for this great update and for his close work with you to improve the pack!


Some of the changes to the modpack in this update are:


  • Updates to 6 mods (AdditionalBuildCraftObjets, AppleCore, BuildCraft Compat, EnderCore, IndustrialCraft2, Logistics Pipes), no significant changes in any of the updated mods.
  • Added NotEnoughResources (client only mod), Enhanced Portals 3, and CompactSolars which were requested by players.
  • Replaced Rei's Minimap on the client with VoxelMap. You'll have to recreate your waypoints on the new map.
For those who use MultiMC or another launcher, copy over the "mods" and "config" folder to update your client.
Several fixes requested by community members have been implemented:
#1 Ores from different mods have different harvest levels. Thanks to CL staff member Elmazz for reporting.
#2 Putting vanilla bricks block in crafting table crashes game. Thanks to CL community member TxDM93 for reporting.


Note for FTB Launcher/Curse users: Your update will be slower to reach you. It may take up to 48 hours for the new version to be available!


The server protection mod was also updated to latest version.


Again thanks rmt and others that helped make this update possible!




Explore the space and build machines!


Space Age Machines. A mechanic dream!

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