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Presenting: Quagma, King Of Squids And Ftb Staff


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Hi there. When I live in the outernet, people call me Wesley, but here in the innernet, most people call me quagma.


Why did I call myself that? It's a subatomic particle, I love science, and best of all, it was short, memorable, and not taken.


What are some of my interests? Squids. Actually it's cephalopods, any type, but on MC, all you get is a squid. I'm mildly (read: extremely) obsessed with them. My other interests include vintage science fiction, drawing comics (i'm fairly ok at them), and metal working and/or electronics.


Time for my Craftersland History! Buckle up, keep all appendages in the cart, and don't hesitate to break out into a spontaneous song and dance number!


The story begins nearly two years ago. I had been playing MC, vanilla scrub style (mostly adventure maps), and was getting bored of it. I wanted a challenge, and I'd been watching videos of people playing these super cool mods. I found the FTB server here mainly by chance. I found it was the least laggiest of my choices, so I stayed there. 

I set up a town, started building, when I was griefed! Oh, the horror! I fixed myself up, and tried again. Again, my stuff had been stolen! I packed up and moved to another place inside a redwood tree. I fell in with sabeeh, who played on FTB then, and also met LtRegine, the most powerful player on the server at the time. I made an oath then; to become the most powerful player on the server and defeat LtRegine.

My town mates eventually left, since they weren't as permanent as I was. I also had a little run in with Sabeeh, and kinda fell out due to a misunderstanding.

A while after that, the server was wiped! I set up a new base with some friends, skilande, space, and sahand12, and maybe some others. I puttered around, got cool, had fun. Moved in with LtRegine, who had big plans for a super town. Then came another wipe.


Eventually, the server got wiped again, as well as updated to 1.7, and I set up my own town this time, since I had learned two things: most players had little permanence, and I couldn't trust anybody to not take my stuff. I started up a new company, called Squid Inc, the plan being to become a publishing company and make books and stuff. Around this time I bought VIP rank, and soon I had bought the Sponsor rank. I was now very powerful. But I still wasn't the most powerful player! I applied for the helper rank twice, second time I was accepted. I now had responsibilities! 


I met new staff, saw several of them eventually disappear, and came across Acidiam, Pumpkin, and Andrew2060. LtRegine was a staff for a while, but I soon eventually surpassed him. We all rose the ranks nearly together, with Andrew slightly ahead. The ranks thinned, grew, and thinned again. There were some altercations between staff, and I had been caught in the middle of it, as a mostly neutral party. We sadly lost a few people there.


After that, I met the bane of my existence, a player named rom4ster, who had been banned from another server. Long story short, he eventually got on the bad side of so many people, he wasn't allowed back.


After being on the server and staffing the heck out of it, rocksmasher came on one day, and promoted me from the top to the very top, GM+! I had done it, I had accomplished my goal from the very beginning, to be the most powerful player on the server! I could finally defeat LtRegine! But then it hit me... nearly two years had passed from that date, and LtRegine was nowhere to be seen. I'd won, but at what price?


So that's my story so far. Sorry for the long post. My heart's been in this community for nearly two years now, and I've seen it grow, with the addition of World Automation, a brief experiment in Pocket Edition, and changes in staff. You are all great players, and thanks for the fun ride! Thanks for the memories, keep up the good work, and I'll see you around!


Edit1// Fixed andrews name.

Edit2// Removed Herobrine

Edit3// Added apology for long post.

Edit4// Thanks guys, you're the best. Really.

Edit5// Added numbers to edits.

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