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[Post Blast] Server Files V5.1.1 Release


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After configuring the Post Blast server files, i have finally finished.

For those interested, it comes client preconfigured for a Factions server.

Meaning I edited a lot of the mods configuration's as well as some plugin work.

Thus it is now fully configured for a factions based server, but lacks a few items.


Content Included In The Server Files Zip Archive:

1. Bin               (Kcauldron/Forge Libraries installed).

2. ASM             (Reduces startup time, preconfigured).

3. Mods            (All server-side mods, client side removed).

4. Config          (All server-side configuration settings).

5. Plugins         (Includes basic plugins, already setup).

6. Kcauldron    (Latest version, installed into directory already).

7. Scripts         (The recipes I changed are based as JSON here).


Content Not-Included In The Server Files Zip Archive: 

~Plugin Side work done, but not complete.

1. Essentials requires more work to be optimal.

2. Required chat channel plugins/configuration.

3. Requires more work to the banned items list.

4. AuthMe needs to be setup properly, is present.

5. AutoBroadCaster plugin not present, required.

6. PermissionsEx included, but not fully written.


Note: Will require 4 GB RAM minimum, 6-8 GB RAM for best performance.

Note: The whole thing is configured, it only needs plugin side work now.


Server Files: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/nuclear-revolution.689897/discuss

Mirror Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ossod77hze4psqq/PB-S-5.1.1.zip?dl=1


~Server Version 1.0.1

~Minecraft Version 1.7.10

~Post Blast Version 5.1.1


~Thank You.


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What's to take?


He practically quit MC after we the Tekkit Staff were done with him.

Not to mention, the pathetic attempts of increasing his post counts.

Since he knows nobody will warn him, as no-one cares about his content :P


Ricegum indeed.

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