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[Guide] How To Beat Tekkit


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                                                      Guide For Tekkit


       I have seen many Guides on how to do something in tekkit but I haven't seen any



                  complete guides on anything so either there aren't any out there, or there aren't any



                    recent ones so i'm just going to make this one and hope it doesn't get taken down.



               This will be a tutorial on everything on tekkit with links to both other forum posts about it



                                  and links to sites that I have found helpful, I hope this helps



























/Town new [name]


     Creates a town so that you can protect your stuff



      ex: /Town new Solitude






                    /Town claim



                      Claims one chunk






                     /Dynmap hide



                    Makes it so people can't see you on the Dynmap to kill you






                      /Town perm town set out none



                    Makes it so people can't enter your claim which will also keep people from killing you






                     /Clan Create 



                                   Creates a Clan



                    /Clan Roster FaZe 



                               To see my clans Roster ;D






       These are all commands you should use as soon as you start, if you have any command questions just PM me and I will answer you






                  For more Towny commands go to...









          Forum Post: http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/9009-townymytown-permissions-tutorial/?hl=towny


























 People have already talked about this and I'll link them


     but your first thing to do... is play regular minecraft and get some resources, then



You want to get a grindstone which, by turning the crank, you can turn your ores



into two ingots instead of one but you also want to be



looking for Diamonds, like always, so you can make a quarry






You then want power, starting off your probably going to



need a dynamo, A steam Dynamo is what



People usually start off with, so that's what i'll talk about right now






To get a Steam Dynamo working you will need:



Aqueous Accumulator



Steam Dynamo



2x2 pool of water






Leadstone Conduit



(Or other power transfering item)












Now that you have power, you want:






Redstone Furnace



Using those two machines will double your ores and double the speed of how rich you eventually will be.



You have your starting power and double resources now what you want is better Power, most people use Big Reactors but if your a pro such as me you would skip straight to fusion









Forum Post:















Now that you have all the starting materials, you want to get started on a base or operations, a place to do everything and live. Your very first focus after getting past the noob level, after getting tons of resources, is an AE system (ME system), this is a machine that allows you to store everything you own... into one "Chest" (More information in the Mods tab, After getting that built and get a bit of room to store your stuff, you'll want to upgrade your power, to do this you can either do the normal thing which is build a big reactor, or do what I do and must of the other richest players do and completely skip that and going straight to fusion, both of these reactors have a discription in the mods tab. After getting both power and space done you want to get EVEN more resources. The best way for this is going into a mystcraft world, or even better a Dense Ore Mystcraft world and placing a quarry.


Mystcraft and a Dense Ore tutorial are in the mods Tab     












Now that you have power and a decent amount of resources your main focus is to automate everything so that you can get rich without even trying, this is actually extremely easy. Start off by making laser drills and prechargers, to do this you need pink slime which is obtained by killing pigs with the SlaughterHouse. This gives you PinkSlime Juices (Not the real name) and you place that with a bucket and it spawns a slime, you want to catch that in a reusable safari net and put the safari net into a AutoSpawner. For an AutoSpawner you will need Power and MobEssense. You already have Power after making your Fusion Reactor so now you want MobEssense, to get this you need to kill mobs with the Grinder, best way to do this I find is making a 5x5 room of Cursed Earth with a grinder in the back to kill them all and a EnderTank taking the Essence to wherever you need it.































                       Getting Started:





Mystcraft is a Mod inside tekkit that allows you to teleport to other worlds.


To get started you'll need:






Writing Desk



Ink Mixer



Book Binder



Leather/Paper/Ink Vials






While in the Ink Mixer, put paper in the bottom left square and an Ink Vial in the top left square, this will turn the middle circle black and a link Panel will pop up in the bottom right side, after taking the Link Panel your empty glass bottle will appear in the top right. Now that you have your Link Panel, put it in the Book Binder with some leather, A book will appear in the top right, take that out and you have your first Mystcraft world. Any Questions? Just PM me and I'll add more detail into this.






Want more details into everything?



Go here: Youtube Vid coming soon









    Dense Ore: 




I'm asked occasionally how I get so many ores



The answer is Dense Ore



Dense Ore is a Mystcraft page that Spawns in regular Minecraft ores



more frequently, yes there are modded ores but they spawn in like regular



not increased



But what people always mess up on in Dense Ore is the Negative



Effect that comes with it, to get a good Dense Ore world you



need a negative effect page.






Scorched Earth is a perfect Negative Effect Page, it makes the sun blazing hot so that



any blocks that are throw out of your inventory or broke will catch fire, and without power armor



you will also catch on fire and die. This page is the most common one used to counteract the Dense Ore negative effects.



In order to get a Dense Ore world to work properly you must put in 10 Scorched Earth pages for every 1 Dense Ore page you, 1/10 ratio! I hope this helped


















I will work on this last since it is the hardest





       Big Reactors:






Big Reactors is mod that allows you to make power out of...


   Atomic Science:






























Any Questions you would like answered just PM me and I will be glad to answer you and put it on                                                                          here



                                                                "This is Unfinished"




















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