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Crashing Cuz Of Liquid Translocators - Brunyman

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please tp my account to spawn

cuz i read my log and i think it is crashing because of liquid translocators and there are those things where i was

so please move me to spawn 

these are my crashlogs from cl launcher pretty same much from any other launcher


If you wait 12 hours and don't log in between those 12 hours it will automaticly send you to spawn or you can use CyberGhost to change your IP temporarly and then log into the server and it also will automaticly send you to spawn.

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oh thanks evry one for sending me to spawn 

that only lets me run around spawn

but dont you think i should have the right to go to my island

so please if any one knows how to send me to spawn

don't tell me about it

the problem is that when i go to my or most of the islands i get a fatal error

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