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I created a Discord server which has all respective server ranks with perms.

Discord is a social application similar to teamspeak and skype, offering a lot.

It can be used to talk via voice/text, and is useful while gaming on a server.


Discord Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/BQGXQHM


Hope this helps everyone have fun :)

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say goodbye to TeamSpeak and the soundbox because Discord is here !!


yes the new Craftersland chat have come. not only are you able to talk to people go in other channels but you can start speaking to them to!! feel free to join whenever you wand. got VIP? than you will get the tag in your name. talk with dividend people of Tekkit, SkyFactory, Network, FTB, and World Automation share pictures send funny emoji and mutch more.


where are you waiting for?



join us now by clicking the link




you can download Discord for android and ios. windows and mac




big tnx to Andrew2070

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