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[Suggestion] Clans In Acv1


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This is a expansion of the idea of iiCaxperPvP (Click here for look the post of Caxper)


The idea of Caxper is add clan in ACV1.

In this post i will say things for add if the clans are added in ACV1.
[1] How to create clans.
2 ways to create clans.
1.- If you are donator can create clans free.
2.- If you arent donator can create clans for 5.000.
[2] Clan levels.
The clans have 10 levels (or more) and depending of the level, in chat, your prefix of the clan is of diferents colors.
[2.1] How to level up the clans.
The clans have levels, and you can level up with the fame that you win when kill people.
[3] Top Clans.
This is easy, in the finish of month, the clan with more kills, win, and all members of the clan will receive 1.000 or 2.000 of money.
[4] Clan members
This depending of the level of the clan for example:
Clan level 1: 3 people.
Clan level 2: 5 people.
Clan level 3: 7 people.
Clan level 4: 10 people.
Clan level 5: 13 people.
[5] Clan chat
Doing a command can speak with chat of the clan.
[6] Donator members in clans.
If you are donator member can enter in the clans when are full.
[7] Clan damage.
The leader of the clan can do a command, for example /clan damage on/off, and active/desactive if can hit people of your clan.
[8] Clan ranks.
Leader: all perms of clan (can kick can invite can change name, can give rank in clan...)
Officer: can kick can invite and can give prefix inside the clan chat.
Trusted Member: can kick and can invite.
Member: can invite.
Newby: nothing
What do you think about the clans?
PD: This is my post number 100!
Thanks for read my post
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I really like this idea and it can used for the /party plugin, we can have clan wars and there can be different types of clans fighting for the top place on the leader border i really like this idea it really gives players a sense of competition and as much as big is the player population of ac is i really think players will like this, but i dont like that fact that player should pay for this, this should be free for everyone 

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