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Skyfactory Server Update And Host Upgrade!


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It's time for SkyFactory Update! This aims to add few improvements to the server, it's not a modpack update. Added some custom plugins, reviewed the server settings and donation packages. More details below:



  • Added Crates! You will get crate keys by votes or on our donation shop. There are 2 crate types, Vote Crate and Legendary Crates.
  • Added Vote Party! Each time the server get's 100 votes a party will start at spawn with music, cakes, fireworks and will also reward all online players with Crate Keys!
  • Added Daily rewards, player can redeem a free package from our donation store every day.
  • Added health display below players names. Useful in combat.
  • Added Clans! We added a nice clan system with roles, it's like a party plugin but better. Create a clan and protect your base!
  • Reviewed all donation packages for SkyFactory Server, there are changes and new packages added!

These are all for now, I may do some small adjustment the next days.


Check out our store changes for SkyFactory: Donation Shop


Get on the server and let's have fun with this new features!


Server Upgrade!


Also today we upgrade the dedicated server where we host SyFactory, we will upgrade from i5, 32GB DDR3 RAM to i7, 64GB DDR4 RAM latest generation. This upgrade will give us a more powerful hardware to run the our services. I already started to move data and setup the new server but this will take all day to get it done. There will be some small downtime for some of our servers during data transfer, services affected are: Some websites and the main database server, some network servers and skyfactory.


Build your Sky Factory!


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