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Ftb Direwolf20 Server Updates


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Our updates to FTB Direwolf20 get close to an end for now. Server had a full wipe and a lot of new stuff added and as well fixes and tweaks.



  • Server WIPE and new Map Seed.
  • Added Clans
  • Added rewards
  • Added Crates
  • Re-viewed all donation packages and added few new ones.
  • Added Vote Party
  • Re-tested all items on protection and updated the restricted items list
  • New custom login system that will no longer conflict with fake players
  • Various mods patches to fix some server crashes
  • Better java instructions for a more stable TPS
  • Increased RAM memory allocation
  • And other small optimizations.


Few small improvements will take place the next days but the server update is mainly complete! 

Thank you to all staff members that helped out testing and fixing.




Modded madness!


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