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Tekkit Server Wipe And Updates Complete!


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Hi, Tekkit Server WIPE is complete!


During this WIPE we generated a new map seed, and did some big changes to the server infrastructure.



  • Connection to the server is handled by a bungee proxy server now. This allows us to install our custom login system, new premium players will no longer need to register to play.
  • Installed a new login system, that works fine along mods fake players. Also the new login system is more Premium users friendly while still allow non premium to join.
  • Also these changes allow us to line up tekkit to the other modded servers we have to share the same slots and player count like in a modded hub.
  • Generated a new map seed, I hope this one has less oceans!

The biggest challenge was making all these infrastructure changes as 1.6.4 does not have all good stuff like we have on 1.7.10, so this required a lot of custom coding on the bungee cord proxy and changes to our custom plugins to get them to work on 1.6.4 as or almost as on 1.7.10.


The server should be less laggy now and the fresh map is great for exploring and building nice bases! See you on the server!


I will provide soon a download link of the old map.




Galactic adventures!

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