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Add Blood Magic To The Server



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  1. 1. add blood magic or not

    • yes add it
    • no its fine like it is

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hi i was wondering if blood magic could be added to the server because as many who play direwolf20 pack know its a fun mod to play with and i was a little sad wean i found out that blood magic wasent on the server, so i ask can blood magic please be added to the server.

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Adding Blood magic would imply that ALL players should install Blood Magic on their clients. SkyFactory didn't add Blood Magic for a reason. No one will play if they have to manually install SkyFactory on their clients. Most people don't know how to do so.


This means a no from the technical side.

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Yeah well thats a problem but perhaps we could make a installer that installs it or some kind of lobby that explaines (how to add bloodmagic and other mods to SF) we could aso try something with computercraft.

I am not sure about computercraft but we could make terminal glasses that make shows a tutorial





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