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Me Disappeared


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In-Game Nickname: Woodboy_bel and Goldenarmy 16

Time and date: between 20/09/2016 and 25/09/2016

Description of what happened:

1 last time we went offline everything was good

2 Goldenarmy16 (the guy I play with) made some storage cells for our me (22/09/2016)

3 I logged on this afternoon to play a bit

4 noticed our ME system,some cables, 3 capacitors and the content of some drawers are gone

5 we both have no idea what happend but are asking if it's possible to do some sort of rollback

Screenshots or Proof: http://imgur.com/a/qevl2

List of eyewitnesses: only Goldenarmy16 can confirm that our stuff is gone

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