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Chance Cubes Bug..

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Hello i was opening chance cubes last time and something happened my scren just started to shake, my hearts went black, cant open inventory , can't open chest etc... can someone help me please :) Mod:thomason told me that chance cubes cause this problem.

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Hi, Ask someone to make Shell constructor, and Shell storage. Then click Shell constructor, make a new copy of you, when copy ready, go to Shell storage, and choose other body.

Problem solve.


If you had some items in previous body, wait for server restart, and try to get back to old body.

That can solve problems. If not, then wait to Staff member (GM or GM+) to back in game, and kill you using "Cheaty" methods. This will temporary fix your glitched health. That way you will be able to remove all your items, and swap body again.


After cheaty death you can think it`s solved, but No... If you get any damage, glitch will be back. You NEED new body from Shell constructor.

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