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Hello, I created something that may be helpful for players that are voting for servers.
I did a simple HTML and CSS page for me and my friends, they mean it's usefull so I'm sharing this here.
Note: Please do not ban me for this its my work and I just want to help players with voting.
Note2: I didn't knew where to post this so I'm posting it in suggestions.
I only added Infinity Evolved Expert Mode server becouse I don't have other vote links If you got some and want me to add them on this list just PM me.
link: votes
how it's looking?



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Pretty neat and probably the /vote in-game can be directed to the vote list there rather than links on the chat which is kinda hard to use

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On 12/20/2016 at 8:50 PM, frishu said:

Got no discord, eventually teamspeak3.
I will definitely not put link to this page here, someone can just take it and edit for his own server/s or something like that.

firstly you can use discord on browser
secondly i can just download the html + css using curl so your concern is pointless i think


contributing my own HTML with inline css and js to auto open all the links - works "offline" by manually open html file on browser


may need to manually disable popup though



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