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Itsz and Yusixs complaint


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I joined the server and randomly said your mum right, and then Yusixs the -snap- warned me for language. The second case with Itsz i said Gay, which has multiple meanings, and it isn't sexual harassment unless used in a violent  or derogatory form , but i know you guys can't think outside the little box the is your -snap-.

And then i tried to explain why i said "gay" but then they said stop the sexual harassment or i will report you.

I further explained there is multiple meanings of the word "Gay", and they said: "No, no, no. There is only one popular meaning to the word "gay" which is homosexual"


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Hey there, I've warned you multiple time in the server not to use the word "gay" because it was profane and very inappropriate, also its a harassment its under the name calling sexual harassment: 'Insults related to a person's sexuality are a form of sexual harassment. This includes calling someone a "slut," "gay," or a "fag" It doesn't matter who's saying it, or whether the person being harassed is gay or straight, male or female. What matters is that you're using those words to insult them -- that makes it harassment.' now there is a filter for some reason right? why don't you want to comply with me to stop and keep bypassing the filter by typing "G@Y" I've told you it's a word that must not be used in the server as it's a word that someone who is underage must not know, i know there's multiple meaning on gay as you pasted it, we are using the most "commonly" used term please don't loophole this part, you've been trying to loop hole/avoid a warn by saying its not the real meaning, but your context as you said in-game isn't the "good meaning" its more a "bad meaning", i need a second opinion on this


Also for the mum part explain this images



isn't sexual harassment unless used in a violent  or derogatory form , but i know you guys can't think outside the little box the is your meaningless life.

I'm pretty sure by insulting a staff member wont fix your problems, this is how you get another warn on the forum

You should be thankful its only a warn, we still give you chance for you to change by giving you a warn so you wont do the same problem anymore, but on how you act and on your attitude I guess you don't like chances do you?


Also I'm pretty sure there is mode/template for complaint, i think you might want to use this


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   There are three things I want to add to this.
   The first thing being the fact that you broke the the rule that states " You must not use any language which is offensive, racistic or obscene. This also includes discrimination, solicitation, threats, bullying and spamming." three times and you got warned for each of those, so I'd advise you to watch your language and behave while on the forums and in-game as well since that is what got you here in the first place.
   The point I want to make is that just from seeing the screenshots from Itsz I can clearly see that you broke several rules those being [7] No Excessive Use of Profanity/Swearing/CAPs: , [9] No Insulting Staff., [15] No Racist Slurs/Text/content:, so I'd say you deserved your punishments and that this thread was pointless and not in your favor.
    The third thing is, you did not use the template required for a complaint and that this is your second complaint on the same theme and because the first one was declared void, you shouldn't have made another one.

Thus I declare this complaint void, though I would like to hear what @Powerwarp has to say about this.


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