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Is it possible for me - as a Sponsor - to request a personal unban of an item? 

I'm an automaniac, I love to automate everything and that is also why I love CC Turtles, and ask if it's even remotely possible to have it unbanned for me..?

Might not even be technically possible, and I realise it's banned for a reason but I have no intention of griefing ;-) . figured It was still worth a shot! 



- Henk

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Imho i don't think its a good idea where someone can have a banned item, i know that you wont abuse the item if you have it but banned item is suppose to be banned due to dupe, bypass protection. If bruny actually allow you to use banned item there will be a lot request of player wanting a banned item which is bad

But this is just in my opinion

We'll see what bruny think about this


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  • Founder

Hi, since you don't have any bad history I will give you access to them, keep in mind everything is logged and any abuse will result in loss of extra permissions and punishments as rules say. We also have a good backup system so abusing will hurt you more then the server.

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Thank you @brunyman ! I have no intention to do so, :)

I just have one more question regarding this, how this would work with trusted players on my base;
I take it if they decide to grief it it will just get removed from their inventory as it does with normal banned items, but can I let people use it as long as it stays on my property(and my alt account's(premium))

Asking, since I can imagine me and @itsz doing some CC collaboration if it was to be allowed -.



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