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I NEED HELP!!, I learn all aspects and i was learning research notes, but After learning the investigation note "lord of fire" all the following notes that I try to reveal are broken, I do not know if it is a mistake or if it  to do with it being from the last tab of the book, I need help, maybe reboot My Thaumcraft file in server files. Pls help me

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If you research thaumcraft by using research notes (Made of Knowlege fragments) you eventually run out of "hiden" researches. After that every research note you rightclick will break apart giving you some fragments back. That`s totally OK.

If you still got unresearched icons in Thaumonomicon, that means you didn`t do something special.

For example, in mod called "Automagy" you need to "break" an Avarice pearl. This research CAN NOT be researched by Research note made of fragments. You NEED TO BREAK this pearl. To break this pearl you need to use it on couple stacks of items lying on the ground. This pearl pick up items from ground, and if you use it on too many items at same time, it will break.

So, i`m not sure what do you need to do to unlock this research you have, but i`m sure Research notes made from fragments can`t help you there. Try googling sollution. Thaumcraft usually is very stable mod. I got ALL researches unlocked, and didn`t had any problems.

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