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Blood magic: Demon invasions!


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Hey guys not sure where to post this but i was wondering if you could possibly add a crafting recipe to infinity evolved expert mode server for items:- Life shard [4453:28] and Soul shard [4453:29].

Now as far as i know, these are obtainable by summoning a demon invasion, however, this invasion would take up a good 50x50 chunk radius and ofc spawn in a whole bunch of demons and could potentially ruin someones claim.

I have a video here for you too see what i mean if you are not too familiar with Blood magic. start the video at around 2:10.


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If you break Demon altar, invasion can be stoped. And if you make life/soul shards craftable, people will never start that ritual, they will only craft shards.

Tho, shards can be added to shop, with some ridiculous price. Like... idk... $2000 per shard block. Not shards itself, but actual blocks you use for Altar.

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