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I got griefed? *Town rollback?*


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In FTB Infinity Evolved I have my "town" called "CastleCrashers" and because it was only me i invited someone named  "maddy247" to my town because they were the first person who had answered my request, at first i thought it was suspicious because they just stole all my solar panels but i though because i wasnt using them it was okay, i then claimed a bunch more land and let maddy build there house; after that i had done my own things to see that half way building maddies house she had left so about and hour later after the vote party i had decided to log off and eat dinner; i then came back to all my valuables gone!

Here is a list of what they stole from what i can see

My smeltery, My lasers and assembly table, my water mills, my nether stars, and 1 of my 64k drives i got out of a legendary key; as  said these are only what i have seen so far, And i will add a screenshot of how i found out they took my solar panels, because it says they placed a solar panel of which they had none of.


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