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DW20 has been down for a few hours now


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Doclorlin and twilightic join me on infinity. it's what i've been doing since... hours ago.


Well when you are responsible for people paying to play (Granted they don't have to) on a particular service, they in turn expect a certain level of correspondence. Merely ignoring your paying crowd will inevitably lead to questions. Only when something is brought up, is when GM's or Admin respond. An update here and there would be greatly appreciated by ALL the community. Instead of the staff only responding when things are wrong or going wrong. The staff has made a community and there is a certain level of responsibility, to keep your community informed.

I love the new community I have found. And its provided me with many hours of entertainment.

I also Congrat Brunyman on the birth of his new Child! May the infant be forever an MC Addict LOL

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As a dad myself, I want to see pictures! 


I feel bad, I should have posted last night when the servers first went down, and I didn't see a single thread. Thinking about upgrading a third time so that some more money goes into the servers. Best community on a ftb server I've had in a loooong while. 



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