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Do you want to see that feature implemented?  

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I really believe a ''Suggestion'' section for forum suggestions would be a good ideea, that way General Discussions will be cleaner than now, and a section with a strictly thread model and a poll would be great for everyone. That way we can discuss in depth and debate, until it'll be forwaded to Staff Zone if is the case.


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In each of the server sub-forums, we already have suggestion areas. What could you possibly want in the general forums to be suggested? Most, if not all suggestions, are related to the servers. If you want something, you make a post in the general, as it is a general item. 

What I'm saying is, we already have areas for suggesting things. If you want to suggest something, you find the server for it, or if it's a general idea, or if it's not part of the server, it goes in general discussion, so that everybody may participate. Making a general suggestions area may actually worsen it, as people will use it to post suggestions that are supposed to go into the suggestions area of the server they are trying to suggest for.

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I know that players may get confused, but usually, every forum got a Suggestion section which is particulary for forum suggestions, General Discussions should be for every topic that is not-related to Minecraft, things to discuss about ourselves, to meet each other.


UPDATE: Also I made a poll, you can vote there, thank you for your opinion.

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Now that you mention adding a new section, a new sub-forum for forum-related suggestions would be great. I've been asking for one since 2014, lol. It's important that we keep this board fresh and add to it accordingly. I've been doing IPS 4 for months, so I'd love to see a dedicated forum for that. As Quagma said, there's no need for any additional sections for server and/or community suggestions. Server forums and the General Discussions area should cover that. I'm just refering to the forum as a board, so separating that from the rest could work out really well.

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