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SimpleClans Civilian KDR config change


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Now that inconsensual PvP is banned, there is no point to have the "Civilian KDR" to be off of the default value of 0.5 -

It would make sense to have the Civilian KDR to be 0 (like it SEEMS to be [is it?]) IF you don't want to give points for killing people not in clans (which includes noob killing)

BUT... now there is no point.  It should be 0.5 as intended.  If I want to PvP my friend who does not want a clan right now or configure it, we should still receive some points like normal.

Here is the info about it:

Kill/Death Ratio

Once a player is part of a verified clan, all his kills will start to be recorded. Deaths by other player's are also recorded. All kills are not equal. Killing a member of a rival clan, of a neutral clan, and a civilian not attached to any clan all carry different weights. Rival: 1.5, Neutral: 1, Civilian: 0.5 (configurable). The weights can also carry negative values, for example if you want to discourage killing civilians, you may want to set the civilian weight to -1 to lower the KDR with every civilian kill.

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The Tekkit staff agreed it was OK and DW20 did not, even with the same rules.  So, there was one server with pvp and one not (Infinity too).  Then on Monday quagma started saying on discord DW20 interpretation of the rules should take over.  And skilande agreed.  This happened on Monday.  I think skilande and quagma pretty much have control over the opinion because even the staff that don't like it won't say.  And if someone says a reason they will recycle their argument besides debating the points.  The discord conversation happened on Monday you could search for "Most of the problem players on my servers came from tekkit" which is what quagma said at start of rule change.

Their main point now is skilande is in charge and no point saying anything so no one does.  And the rules plan was put into motion long ago to do this to make things better.

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       First of all, the rules have been changed for a long time, the interpretation didn't take over on Monday, but I get it the tekkit rules weren't updated on time and you couldn't have known this.

        Secondly, quagma's point wasn't just "Most of the problem players on my servers came from tekkit", he was also saying that <<every single one of the people who do stuff like "noob huntin" and "pvp for no reason" tend to break the other rules, and get to stuff like griefing and pvp scamming, and behavior and attitude from them are really bad, and often get worse>> though I agree with both points he made.

Lastly, I haven't used my title as an argument and I am not controlling anyone's opinion nor will I ever do that, if anyone has anything to complain about or want to suggest anything no one will suppress their opinions or try to forcibly alter them and if said persons don't want to talk with me because there is no point saying anything they could always speak with @Powerwarp or brunyman.

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I agree that PVP should be a thing but not the way it was before.

There is way too many players finding methods of using PVP to scam others, fool others or killing others with dishonest means. And frankly, when I say dishonest means I think that finding a noob in the woods and killing him is dishonest. I've seen everything from traps to players lurking right outside of deep dark spawn, TPgank, etc.etc.

The way the rule was would only cause problems for the servers and would result in pissed off members that would either quit of escalate to the level or their killer, this would just ramp up indefinitely and the server would turn very agressive.  

Now one way of solving this and making the server an overall happier and friendlier place would be - as is done - decide to only allow PVP with consent.

As not everyone agrees to this I have a few suggestions to find a " middleground ":

Have a PVP arena where people go if they want to pvp. Keepinventory on/off(?) - This is becoming a widely popular opinion at this point.
Have keepinventory true in all dimensions. - Or even better if keepinventory true ONLY if you're killed by a player.
Have a dimension or world where pvp is acceptable. Like a PVP world. This would be like the PVP arena but at a larger scale.




The Tekkit staff agreed it was OK - QuartzWitch

And Quartz, I don't think you should speak on behalf of Tekkit staff as you are not yourself Tekkit staff. The way you say it almost implies that everyone on Tekkit agrees on this, and I know a handful that doesn't. Implying Skilande acted selflessly as you do in your post is disrespectful against Skilande, as he also have plenty of players and staff backing him in his decision. 
The way you make us believe all of tekkit agrees with you, you are doing the exact same thing that you accuse skilande of doing, except he isn't.

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Not here to cause trouble but I wanted so share this in response to Brun not being informed of this change. Even when on Monday I had asked about it explicitly in discord. I honestly think there should be a discussion panel hosted to discuss this, with some community input. To get all supporting players involved with such a change to the rules. It would only be fair in my honest opinion.

EDIT: This is after the post but I just remembered to add it.

One of the things I don't like about the staff (even though a majority of them are excellent and do their jobs well and quickly when needed), Brun has set up this community and has done well with it. I just feel like, since Brun is busy, but still takes care of the server maintenance. It isn't fair to him to take what he has worked hard to create, and basically change a significant rule without having a sincere conversation with him. There is something called server mentality (based of corporate mentality), when you want to make such a change to the rules, it changes the mentality. Which is directly related to player traffic/donations to say the least. I don't like to get involved, but when I see the staff doing stuff that has the potential for detriment to the server, I will speak up.


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Alright, Time for what I have to say. First off with what Quartz said about all staff agreeing to making this a thing. That is a lie, I was not informed and I do not like to have my opinion thrown to one side without my consent. 


Now, On the other hand. I do believe this is a good idea. Although, now that there is no Inconsensual PvP, where will the people who want to PvP Fight at? Well, Me and Skilande have been speaking and we believe it would be a nice idea to have some sort of Arena for players to fight in so Wilderness Killing might happen less often. The Arena can be say... Rented for Clan Battles! An arena added into the server could add many new Concepts! We could have Events within this Arena for prizes or such. Just an idea though


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