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Question about command request


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Hello, obviously you all know im justadrii and im a VIP Judge on tekkit, but i was talking with other staff yesterday and i was wondering if i was able to request commands as well? i understand im only vip and judge and completely understand if im not :) just thought i would ask because i was curious.

[if i am]

i was curious about the instant tp to someone without perm and vanish :o im such a creeper :3 

~Have a good day whoever can assist me~

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Hello JustAdrii,
I know you are really ambitious in contributing towards the staff community which is key in helping the server out but the whole concept of staff is meant to be a team, to help each other out ,to reduce the burden on a single person in staff business and co-operate with other staff members to ensure the server's future. For example, If I would know about any suspicious activity on a certain island, I'd let thomas, yosef, skilande know about it so they can investigate as I myself don't have the permissions. You need to work hard and co-operate with others and eventually, you will get your reward :). I have been in the same situation as you and asked Power about it and he offered advice on how to counter the issue. Perhaps its best if i add the direct message to what he said aswell.

Have a good day


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