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[Presentation] ZengZ


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Name:  Santiago Rojas


IGN: ZengZ


Age: 15 (02/08/2001) 


Crafter's Land Servers you play: I mostly play Acv1. Rigth now im playing Ctw as well. 


Location: Chile


Why I apply: I decide to become staff for Bas_groen. He introduce me most of the players and staffs. Now ill follow the steps that my teacher did. All that I know is thanks to him. So thank you a lot  @BasGroen.


Hobbies and interests: One of my hobbies is to play videogames, I enjoy playing here in crafterLand, as well I enjoy League of Legend ans Rocket League.


Discord / Skype Name: 

Discord: ZengZ

Skype: santy.rojas.4

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