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Player Rollback


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After dismounting a buggy in a small area I was thrown through the floor and ended up in lava dying and losing my items, after mining around the area I found nothing this happened around

2:50 am GMT

account- Snobito

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1 hour ago, icedfrappuccino said:

"the game glitched" the server did not.

and that makes it a personal problem how? The admins/mods are there to help with game bugs aswell, not just server bugs, I already had one issue with claiming and the admin I spoke to was great about it.

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9 hours ago, brunyman said:

Hi, I don't have a good rollback point at that time, please post a list of items for refund

Thanks for replying my man.

I can't remember exactly what I had but I know had about 2 and a bit stacks of silver ore, a stack or so of ferrous, a big backpack, 4 vote keys and a legendary key, a diamond pick with efficiency 3 and fortune 3. and some iron but tbh I don't know how much nor do I need any. :D

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