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Player had claimed he was going to DDOS and went out of his way.

Mr. Coldfire

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Network server: US Host - Tekkit Galacticraft 

My in game name: Eclipse_Coldfire (Not a nickname)

Name of the one I am complaining about: Chromuss (Not a nickname)

The Situation: On the morning night of April First, around Two AM, Chromuss and myself had gotten into a verbal confrontation and Chromuss had claimed to want to talk it out so he had asked me for my discord name. I don't use discord much but I know other people use it a lot so I gave it to him(I said it publicly as I didn't really care much). He had thanked me, as he said he was going to use a 'Discord resolver' (I had not know of this prior of the incident) and he said, and I hope this is a direct quote, 'I will get your IP and fry your internet'. Since I had given out me discord, three people had sent a friend request to me. Two turned out to be the two players listed below that can confirm my situation. I didn't know what player in game the third person was so I asked in game. A player in game, named '_solarr' had said it was himself that was the third person that sent me a request. I had accepted it and I had said hello. The person then called me on discord and asked me to describe the situation. I had done so and he had claimed that he thinks he has the discord of Chromuss and sent me a link on Discord. I clicked on it, realized that nothing was there and immediately clicked out of it. Was he realized I had clicked on is he then revealed that he is in fact Chromuss and he had access to my computer, since I had clicked on the link. I had stayed in the call and continued to talked to him until I had enough. I closed the call and  then closed my laptop's lid, which for me shuts down my computer. Looking back on this situation, there were very clear signs that he was suspicious and wasn't actually doing what he was claiming. 

Notes:  1) I am trying to add the screenshots but it is not allowing me to do so, so I had uploaded them to Imgur. Here is the link  and I am sorry for not being able to just upload them here: /a/qEeUP  (Add this to the end of the link to imgur). 2) I am not certain if the screenshots are in order. 3) Once I had thought about it that night, I believe he had PM'd Solar to get him to say that he was the one who had sent the request, but I cannot confirm this. 4) VeeDerp(Cannot remember rest of username) had informed me to add the tags of Brunyman and Skilande. 5) Chromuss had claimed to live in Australia and he had claimed, in the screenshots, that doing what he planned was Legal where he lived. 

Players that can confirm the situation: jacobisawesome, VanVado (Both not a nickname)

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Well in the entirety of the USA DDOS is a federal crime, so not sure what "state" he lives in and don't honestly care. I doubt any attack was actually done or attempted on you but I will jail him 3d for the threat of committing a serious crime legally punishable in most of the world.

Anyways that user hasn't been banned before I will do a 3 day ban. If these actions continue or anything his punishments multiply 6, 9, 12 etc. T/C

Edit: Read the part about Australia it is illegal there was well. His ip does come back to Melbourn Australia but the only time the law there is powerless is if the attacker is not in Australia attacking an Australian in this case though they be able to legally take action against a citizen such as Chromuss attacking you it doesn't matter where you live he resides in Australia in their jurisdiction and is punishable by their laws.

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