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Base Griefed (Permissions being changed?)

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I'm creating this topic to request some help by server owner or trustworthy staff "a_400"?

I logged in 10 minutes ago to find that my base has been griefed for the second time. The first time this happened, I stated this in the ingame chat and a staff member (Can't remember username) teleported to me and explained that the permissions were incorrect and that anyone could do anything in my claim, that same staff member stated that they had corrected the permissions for me. 

Contrary to that, I logged in and all my items from chests most of my "Warded Jar" with aspects and my second "Alchemical Furnace" is gone. With the permissions had been corrected, I was wondering if a staff member could have a look at the logs and see who is stealing from my claim, evading protection and/or changing my permissions. I can't set them back personally because the friend I base with hasn't been on for the past 2 days. It's not a joke, Thaumcraft is a pain to work with if I have to keep going out mining and recrafting every single thing I need when I had it all in the first place.


At this rate, I'm lead to believe it's a staff member doing this.


EDIT: I've just searched the rest of my chests in my base and they are all empty, I've lost everything in my base. Please, help. 


Thanks in Advance


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