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[Town Removal] Inactive towns


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Account Name: RandomNukes


Town name in question(case sensitive): Frogtown, JJB, NuclearInc ( bugged )


Frogtown:  +974, -1801

JJB: +1038, -1952

NuclearInc: unknown

Town members:

Frogtown:  xXCrashingalecXx (quarries at +1030, -1870)

JJB: Jackio007

NuclearInc: gastonblanchette

Reason for request: Town inactivity. NuclearInc however seems to have been bugged as it's my own town, but gastonblanchette was never in the town and is now suddenly mayor. eventhough they haven't been online for over a month and the town is less than a month old.

Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):




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