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Refund Request


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Hello Again... My friend accidently trapped me so i died and lost my stuff so if you vould get it back that would be nice.

It happend beetween 20:00 and 20:15

had a Power armor chestplate ID:25028 It had the Jetpack, Diamond Plating and LV capacitator and a HV capacitator On it.

I had a Power armor boots ID: 25030 It had Diamond Plating, Shock absorber and a LV capacitator and On it

I had a Power armor Legs ID: 25029 It had Diamond Plating and a LV capacitator  and a HV capacitator on it. and the spring upgrade thingy

I had a Power armor Helmet ID: 25027 It had a Diamond plating , a Lv adn HV capacitator on it and a flight control and it had a auto feeder and airthight seal.

And i had a Golden lasso and a golden bag of holding.


Thanks in advance Again..

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Refunds are done only if the items are lost due to the server having issues, a bug or a glitch. What you have here is not a reason for refund since it has no connection to the things that I stated, meaning its your fault(in this case, your friends fault) for losing those items. Maybe ask your friend to make the things all over again for you since its their fault.

If I am wrong someone correct me, but I dont see this as a reason for refund.

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@BlueHunter I have the items ready to refund when you reply to this topic saying you agree to what I say below.


Beh is absolutely right, this is not covered by our refund policy as it's just two friends messing about, for this refund to be valid you would also have to report your friend for griefing and pvp bypass. And you have been acting recklessly with your power armor lately, this is the third refund make of these exact items and I'm not going to make another. A refund request is meant as if the player loses valuable items accidentally because of an error in the server... not three in a week and because you're messing about with your friend.

However, I will make a final exception, and this is just that. Final, I will also not give you the HV capacitator and instead an MV... as there is no proof there ever was HV's. I mentioned this in another topic.

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