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Suggestions for FTB dw20


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1) The Restricted list, should be put in game. A command like /banned list or /ban list, so players can easily access the list, instead of going to the forums.

2) When a player creates a town, the Enter perm needs to be set to false. /town perm set enter false, that way griefing is kept to a minimum.

3) When a new player logs in for the first time, the /mytown guide should be in their inventory automatically, instead of having to buy it with an emerald.

Just some small suggestions, to make life for people a little easier. There are some others like, a town should be deleted after a specific amount of inactivity but that's even more minor -_-


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Hello @Pumpkin,


Thank you for your suggestions, however.

1) Maintaining three lists of banned items - Our list in the configs, the forum list and then this ingame list would just result in errors everywhere. It's easier for us to manage a single " public " list on the forum and that's why we link to it ingame. And if you want an ingame command to givey ou this link then there is. /ifo banneditems.

2) Have you ever tried to explore the land of DW20 and then bumping into a town that had entry deny on it and you had to make your way around it tediouslyImagine if ever town you walk into had this permission, it would make it very difficult to explore the world. And still we don't have a problem with griefing if the area is protected and the modify/access permissions are setup properly. Frankly, we have a bigger problem with in-town members griefing their own town than outsiders griefing.

3) I believe it was decided to be put in a trade-o-mat because it's a very complicated item to spawn in, and adding it to your starter inventory was a difficult task. As we manage the starter inventory by the help of Essentials, which in turn uses a similar method as " /give " and if you can't spawn it in using /give then it makes it very difficult to put it in your starting inventory.

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1) The list isn't that long, compared to the rules that are on /rules. Although, I wasn't aware that /ifo banneditems even existed, that's nice to know.

2) There is a huge problem with griefing, have you not seen all the "rollback" topics? Multiple people log on weekly, complaining that they got griefed, some people don't even report it half the time because others help them restart or just lend a hand. There aren't any staff on during the day to know this, majority of staff are on at night. If there wasn't a problem with the constant griefing, I wouldn't of put this recommendation in the first place and, honestly, who cares if you're pushed back repeatedly while browsing the overworld? There are random tp signs at spawn for a reason.

3) I guess explaining the perms to people is best, since no one buys the damn book /:)

On a side note; Is there a topic with all the perms/commands that actually exist in game?

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Personally I would have changed the item used to buy the book to be something less useful, since most people I've told to buy the book say they don't want to spend the emerald. And some people don't even want to protect their base. I've seen active highly built up bases with zero protection whatsoever!

The emerald is used in the power armor's tinker table, and new players really love their power armor. Personally, I would have set the exchange item to something like the O2 credit, an item specifically designed to be traded. As the author of the book, I did ask the server owner to make it a default inventory item when you first spawned in, but he told me it had too much NBT data, and that it was much easier to make the trade station.

Having /town perm set enter be set to false by default is my dream. It certainly would reduce some incidents. And I am getting a little tired of constantly telling people who don't read the instruction book how to do it.

And as for the banned item list, it keeps being updated, and keeping multiple lists in sync is too much to expect. We have several signs and commands to see it, very visible ones, but again, if people purposely don't use them, that's their fault, really. Same with the ruleset. Not really our fault if people are too lazy to check the info desk.

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