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[Rollback Request]InfinityTown

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Account Name: InfinityGamer22

Town name: / Character name : InfinityTown, InfinityGamer22

Coordinates: x=-2138 z=16 y=70

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: UTC +01:00 05.24. 19:00 PM

Description of Issue:

Dear Craftersland!

Someone have stolen my things from my town when i was away for 3 days.

The stolen things are: 2 ME drive, 10 64k and 2 4k ME disc (with all my stuff), ME Crafting Terminal, Lava generator ( Power Multiplier x64), Ender Quarry, Diamond Chest with minerals that the Ender Quarry mined, Ender Tank

All this stuff was inside my town borders.

The following players' bases are near my town: Cas7le, alkai98, ArtexPro, XxastrofizitoxX

Please help me I want my stuff back.

I want inventory and town rollback to the time above.




2017.05.28. 17:38 (UTC +01:00)


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Please be patient, and wait for the server owner to roll back the area requested. Maintenance is usually done on Mondays and Fridays, and rollbacks are a part of maintenance.

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