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[Rollback Request] Skrymaster


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Account Name: Skrymaster

Town name: / Character name : Steampunk

Coordinates: -1117x,2528z

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: June,27 10:00 GMT

Description of Issue:The town has been completely shredded to pieces, most of the machines are gone, there's holes through the house, alot of our setup has disappeared.If possible I would like to know who did this as well? I've looked around and the things that have disappeared could not be found in the town, so whoever did this probably had pure grief intentions.

Please help soon.

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Was speaking to the player in game and this happened because he didn't know that leaving the modify perm true would allow other players to break his base. 


Also If it is possible to know who did this as the player who did stole a'lot of machines/items that they should not have and take the items off them.


Screenshot of his base now. It has been totally destroyed and lots of stuff was stolen. https://gyazo.com/18d87ea3e22211032c68ad8c3e4f263f

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Thanks very much! The rollback rolled the base a bit further back in time, but nothing I can't live with, Now me and my basemates will be able to play properly again.By the way, was the culprit found out? I don't care so much about them getting banned, as much as I need them to lose the ender chests that were made private(with diamond) by me.I think they took 3 ender chests in total, with 3 different color schemes.

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