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[FTB Direwolf20 1.7.10] How to fix a bug with pneumatic helmet


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Hello. Here I will explain the bug with pneumaticcraft and how to fix it.

If you make(or spawn) a pneumatic helmet from PneumaticCraft and place it on your head armour slot, you are now stuck in bug loop. From that point, when you try to open your inventory, you will now see GUI of pneumatic helmet, not your inventory. It is an issue with NEK(Not Enough Keys) mod and PneumatiCcraft. To solve this you need to open configuration file of PneumaticCraft.

To do this go to [Where your modpack is installed]\config\PneumaticCraft.cfg

Find 'third_party_enabling' and change 'B:notenoughkeys=true' to 'false'.



More about this can be found at:



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