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niqf abusing


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Title: [Complaint] (Player Name)



In-Game Nickname: niqf

Time and date: 7/19/2017 10:00 - 11:00 Est

Description of what happened: so my friend scammed bigman5208 of a lot of items and, since bigman is "known" niqf banned fatbide shortly after fatbide stole bigman5208's items, which is considered scamming. I also got banned for "duplication of items" when i never duped, they also have no proof of me duping, they only banned me of duping because i was very wealthy, and they did not like that i was almost the richest player on the server, everything that i got was legit, and was a lot of hard work to make. Fatbide got banned for griefing even tho all he did was scam, he didnt break a single block. and he also didn't harass anybody or try to make anybody mad he just wanted items. this isn't the first time niqf has abused, one time before he spawned me in 2 64k ME drives. I hope take this into consideration and remove a very abusive staff member, we also need rolled back

Screenshots or Proof: (https://gyazo.com/5a0ace162ca8d90db0bbaa12ce15a003 https://gyazo.com/483b38372b4a33ee7b727604ef737b11) Griefing is defined as : A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and angers other players within the game, often using aspects of the game in unintended ways.

List of eyewitnesses: 





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I have screenshots of my own regarding the duplication. I witnessed identical copies of the me storage drives I confiscated out of his me drive be replaced with the exact specs as the ones I had in my inventory. I also have screenshots of icedfrappucino destroying your me system in creative mode where you promised him 5$ through paypal if he did the act. Following that I also witnessed icedfrappucino world editing your base shortly after. BigMan5208 has the items he stated, I have visited his base on numerous occasions and I have seen inside his me and what it contained. He even gave me specifics on what he was missing, of which was found inside your base.

I have not abused my powers or spawned in items for players and I don't plan on it happening either. I have plenty of items in my base, I don't need to resort to spawning stuff in in order to create 64k drives. I also have screenshots of you insulting me, so if anything it seems like you're trying to pick a fight.


Fatbide: Violation of Rule 8, First Offense. That is a 7d ban for griefing BigMan5208's town.

Bxrd: Violation of Rule 2, First Offense. That is a 2d ban for bug exploting (item duplication)(me storage drive duplication)


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