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[powerwarp] [Command Request] (TDB_DantexD_)


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Account name: TDB_DantexD_

Rank: [Sponsor+]

Requested Commands: 


And /fix or /fix all

Reason for Request: 

All those commands in Pure Survival/Skyblock/Hiipo Plots Survival, please.

I know my bans history is not clean but those bans are from a long time ago...

I just want those commands for fun and decorate, just as my friend iiTzKukash_ said, nothing to add, thanks in advance.


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3 hours ago, TDB_DantexD_ said:

1- Can I have those commands in Skyblock and Hiipo Plot Survival?

2- If I change my name, will the permissions continue in my new name??

I'm pretty sure I already added it to the two servers? And I'm not sure, there is a possibility you will.

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